our story

we are inspired by the magic that happens when we bring people together through food

We often get asked why we decided to start The Sarap Shop. The tl;dr is to nurture connection. οΈ

Our favorite memories have always been at the dining table, surrounded by the people we love. But one notable difference, as we grew up, was that Filipino cooking wasn't always welcoming for people with dietary restrictions, and those exploring new beliefs and lifestyles.

  Photo magic by  Melissa de Mata

Photo magic by Melissa de Mata

feel good filipino flavors for every-vore

We started with side by side omnivore and vegan menus to ensure there was always something for everyone at the table. And we've since made it our mission to create inclusive dining moments.

Click here to read how our pop-up grew into a food truck. Spoiler alert: it's a love story. :P

more about JP + Kristen... 

Chef JP only recently decided to take a risk and turn his curiosity for cooking into a career. He jumped into the culinary field, with no formal training, and in just three years worked his way from a line cook at Spice Kit to Lead Vegan Chef then Sous Chef at Google. After a few months of running pop-ups together, Kristen was inspired by JP's passion and decided to buy him a food truck. JP, now, works full-time at his dream job.

Kristen wasn't much of a fan of cooking until it became a way she could experiment with uncommon combinations she wanted to eat, and a way to spend extra quality time with the people she loves. She complements JP's imagination in the kitchen by masterminding ideas for dishes and designing unique dining experiences. Outside of The Sarap Shop, Kristen is a Design Partner at Google Ventures and runs a private relationship coaching practice.

They also enjoy experimenting with other cultures' comfort food and trying new restaurants. They occasionally post their recipes and tips on Instagram and YouTube.