Lesson #1: Two questions to ask yourself to finally make moves on those tasks you’ve been avoiding

This is how Kristen does marketing. She doesn’t do it.

This is how Kristen does marketing. She doesn’t do it.

I love to learn new things. There’s nothing like the feeling of being a fresh learner, getting my mind dirty, and the pride in being able to say, “Hey, I did that all by myself.” But surprise, surprise, when it comes to teaching myself new things that I don’t want to learn but have to learn, I’m completely ineffective. It takes me triple the amount of time to plan, and by the time I’m done researching and opened a zillion tabs, I hit peak fatigue. I don’t want to look at any tabs let alone actually try what they say.

Marketing does this to me. I’d rather do JP’s taxes, purge and color-code our closet, re-organize our inventory list, seriously anything else but my marketing work. And I’ve done exactly that. I’ve procrastinated, even added more insignificant to dos just to avoid it. I failed at many work dates with myself, swearing I’d get it done. On those long nights, I’d find myself staring at those tabs, frustrated anytime I encountered something I couldn’t quickly understand. I was blocked and my resentment was growing for this integral part of our business.

Finally my mentor called me out on it. “What on your to do list are you tolerating?”

Easy. Marketing.

“Why is it still on there?”


I knew why it was important but I didn’t like my answer to why I couldn’t get it done. I was convinced I had to be superhuman and do it all, including being both teacher and student. Because somehow I believed that asking for help or admitting what I lacked in capability made me less of an entrepreneur. She reflected back I had negated the money I was trying to save by wasting time with my DIY process, and negated one of the best perks of being an entrepreneur — the freedom to choose and enjoy what I do.


With the break down this limiting belief I felt free. I closed all my tabs, whipped out my credit card, and registered for Udacity’s Digital Marketing course.

I chose this program because you get real work done as you learn. No fake assignments. Learning content strategy was an item on my to do list and guess what? It was a homework assignment that we’re crossing off my list with this post. BOOM. #productivity

We couldn’t afford to take a course like this at this time, but it was really the guilt that was holding me back from seeking out help. This experience has been a stretch experience not just in developing a new skill set but also in uncovering a mental block that was holding me back. In my role, everyone depends on me to keep the plane going as we build it, so it’s been a nice treat to have a trusted resource teaching me exactly what I need to do and how. Now I know I’m not alone here. What on your to do list are you currently tolerating and why?

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